Frequently Asked Questions

What is Students First?

Students First is a community effort to help students reach their full potential by pursuing their goals with support from caring adults. During the academic year, participating youth meet monthly with Students First volunteer community coaches in the school setting and take part in activities that focus on each individual’s strengths. The students create success plans that develop with them from the 6th through the 9th grades. These plans can include personal, academic, post-secondary, and career goals. Each student is paired with an individual volunteer Success Coach from the community to support them in these goals. All sessions are guided by Students First Strengths Educators.

How do I become a Success Coach?

You can register to become a coach by emailing or by providing your information on the Coach Sign Up page.

What kind of volunteers are you looking for as Success Coaches?

We are looking for caring adults who have a desire to make a positive impact on the students and the community. Students have a variety of interests and personalities so we are looking for a diverse group of coaches to represent an array of backgrounds and interests.

What are the requirements for Coaches?

Must be over the age of 21 and submit to a background check. Coaches must attend a Students First Success Coach orientation session and will fill out a matching questionnaire. Coaches are also invited to attend optional Students First Strengths Trainings. If you are under the age of 21 and would like to volunteer, please contact us for other possible opportunities to assist with the program.

What is the time commitment for Coaches?

Students First takes place during the school year – there are no summer activities. Currently, the face-to-face sessions with the students are 45 minutes, once per month. Coaches with students at Bemidji Middle School are offered three date options to choose from each month. Kelliher and Bemidji High School coaching sessions are scheduled on one particular date each month. Schedules for the year are provided in advance.

Where do the sessions take place?

All sessions will take place during school hours at Bemidji Middle School, Bemidji High School or Kelliher Schools.

Do I need to prepare anything for the sessions?

No. Each session consists of planned activities that we provide for our students and coaches, so there is no homework or prep work involved.

If I have additional questions, who should I contact?

Send your email to or contact Ebony Warren at 218-333-8042.