Students First Mission

Students First is a community effort to help students reach their full potential by pursuing their goals with support from caring adults. During the academic year, participating youth meet monthly with Students First volunteer community coaches in the school setting and take part in activities that focus on each individual’s strengths. The students create success plans that develop with them from the 6th through the 9th grades. These plans can include personal, academic, post-secondary, and career goals. Each student is paired with an individual volunteer Success Coach from the community to support them in these goals. All sessions are guided by Students First Strengths Educators.

Students First Statement of Belief and Commitment Regarding Diversity and Racial Equity

Students First and its parent organization, Beltrami Area Service Collaborative, embrace the uniqueness of our student participants, volunteer success coaches, school partners and everyone in the communities we serve. Our program is built on taking a diverse group of students and helping them realize their strengths – their natural talents – with the support of caring adults by their side. There is strength in diversity, and together we stand against racism in all of its forms, social injustice, and discrimination. We stand for and work toward unity across racial, socioeconomic, gender, and ethnic lines. We are always better together.

Our overseeing agency is the Beltrami Area Service Collaborative

Beltrami Area Service Collaborative