Dear Friends and Family of our Bemidji Community,

Wow, it has been a rollercoaster kind of year for everyone. If you’ve experienced some loss, change, growth, uncertainty, good times, a little anxiety, AND hope for the future, you are not alone. We felt it, too.

Last year when we found out about COVID-19, it really rocked all of us. It changed the way we engaged in life on so many levels, including our Students First program. We worked with our school partners to find ways our program could continue being a source of connection, education, support and hope for our students. We found a way to meet our students in their new virtual environment, while continuing to give them access to strengths-based resources and activities with caring adults by their side. It was challenging to say the least, but we met the challenge head-on.

However, as we all gradually begin to recover from an unprecedented year of uncertainty, Bemidji School District continues to face a budget crisis that has impacted our program. It is with heavy hearts and much hopefulness for the future that we inform our community that Students First is one of the programs that has come to an end. Our students and coaches were very understanding upon receiving this announcement. We participated in several activities at the end of the school year to celebrate and encourage the students as they move into the next chapter of their lives.

This year we made a commitment to be adaptable, flexible and patient with ourselves and with everyone who is a part of our program. We made a commitment to provide access to Students First to every student who wanted to stay connected. We made a commitment to our community, our schools and our students to show them that we STILL care and that we would be there to support them. We are confident that together, we did just that.

It was a joy and an honor to be part of Students First!

With Much Gratitude,

Students First Team

Our overseeing agency is the Beltrami Area Service Collaborative

Beltrami Area Service Collaborative